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PopUp52 aims to revolutionize retail by creating experiences around the products or services of brands. For too long, consumers have been treated like walking credit cards. They receive poor customer service, have no knowledge of where the product came from and are told to buy things they don’t even need.

With PopUp52, we are changing this. We feel that brands should be connecting with their customers on a much deeper level. In a digital age, people are bombarded with thousands of advertising messages per day. The emphasis needs to switch from a transactional model to experiential one.
Our three core values: DISCOVER, EXPERIENCE, IMAGINE, capture our motivation.
We want people to discover new products, experience them, take them for a ride and then imagine all the new ways they can use them.

We are bridging the gap between online and offline worlds. With the emergence of social platforms, mobile computing, augmented reality, 3-D and QR codes, we can see how technology can be used to benefit retailers and their customers by allowing a more interactive and engaging experience.

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